Lilli Taubers uncle and aunt, Adolf and Selma Schischa, and her cousin Erika Schischa

This is a picture of my uncle Adolf Schischa, my aunt Selma Schischa [nee Katz] and their daughter, Erika. The photo was taken in Wiener Neustadt in the 1930s.

My uncle Adolf Schischa lived in Wiener Neustadt. He got married to Selma Katz, who came from Vienna, and they had two children: Herbert, who is the same age as me, and Erika. Uncle Adolf was in the clothes business, just like my father. Aunt Selma and Uncle Adolf fled to Italy after the German invasion but were later deported to Auschwitz from there. [Adolf Schischa, born 10th August 1888, and Selma Schischa, born 3rd May 1903, were deported from Drancy to Auschwitz on 26th August 1942 and murdered. Source: DOW data bank]. Herbert and Erika were brought to England with a Kindertransport and still live there.

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