Lilli Tauber's grandfather Eduard Friedmann

This is a picture of my grandfather on my mother's side, Eduard Friedmann. The photo was taken in Prein in the 1870s.

My maternal grandfather, Eduard Friedmann, came from a rabbi family in Verbo, Hungary. They were very pious. I'm sure that my grandfather had siblings. I remember two women, my mother's cousins, who came to visit us once. They lived in Steinamanger [Hungarian: Szombathely], were very pious and wore a sheitl. None of them had children, however, and that's very unusual among pious people.

My grandparents lived in Prein, a small health resort, on the foot of the Rax mountain. They had a beautiful house and a grocery shop. One could buy anything in this shop - which was usual in the country at that time. There were newspapers, tobacco, food, handkerchiefs, and there was also a small gas station attached to the shop.

They had six children: My mother, Johanna, Isidor, Julius, Fany, Berta and a son, who died of typhoid, I think at the age of 14. I don't remember his name. My grandfather died in 1900 at the age of 49.

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