Lilli Tauber's brother Eduard Schischa with his nanny

Lilli Tauber's brother Eduard Schischa with his nanny

This is a picture of my brother, Edi [Eduard] Schischa, taken in Wiener Neustadt in 1915 with his nanny. She took care of him long before I was born and I never met her.

My brother was born in Wiener Neustadt on 5th October 1914. He finished primary school and four years of grammar school. I don't know if he quit grammar school because he wasn't such a good student or because he just didn't want to study anymore. In any case, he served an apprenticeship as a tailor and finished it with his final examination. Afterwards he worked in my father's shop.

I was born on 13th March 1927 in Rudolfinerhaus in Vienna's 19th district. My mother was already 42 years old when she got pregnant with me and knew that there may be difficulties because they had discovered a tumor during pregnancy examinations. They operated on her and removed the tumor. Nonetheless it could have been a difficult delivery, and that's why my mother went to hospital in Vienna.

I was a welcome surprise to the whole family, which was fairly big. My uncles and aunts were rather old at the time, and my cousins could have almost been my parents. I think they all enjoyed having me around. And my brother, who was 13 years older than me, loved me very much, too.

My brother fled to Palestine with an illegal transport in October 1938.

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