Centropa Legal Documents

The Central Europe Center for Research and Documentation was founded in the US in 1992, and we began our oral history project, Centropa, in 2000. In that year we established offices in Vienna and Budapest, followed by the office in Germany in 2016.

We now have separate legal entities in the US, Austria, Germany and Hungary. For incorporation documents, annual accounts and tax returns, please see the bottom of this page.

United States - Central Europe Center for Research and Documentation, Inc.

Board of Directors

  • Cheryl Fishbein, Secretary
  • Phil Schatten, Treasurer
  • Rabbi Andrew Baker, President
  • Daniel Kapp, Member of the Board
  • Edward Serotta, Member of the Board

Board Advisors

  • Anetta Migdal, Board Advisor
  • Allan Reich, Board Advisvor

Legal representation

  • Laura Solomon, Legal Counsel
  • Bee, Bergvall and Associated, CPA

Austria - Centropa - CEC - Zentrum zur Erforschung und Dokumentation jüdischen Lebens in Ost- u. Mitteleuropa

Representatives (Organschaftliche Vertreter)

  • Edward Serotta (Obmann)
  • Anna Gorinova (Obmann-Stv.)
  • Jonathan Schwers (Schriftführer)
  • Roman Domnich (Kassier)

Germany - Centropa - Zentrum für Jüdische Geschichte des 20. Jahrhunderts e.V.

Representatives (Vertretungsberechtichgte)

  • Fabian Rühle (Vorsitzender)
  • Edward Serotta (Vorsitzender)
  • Maximilian von Schöler (Schriftführer)

Hungary - Centropa Alapítvány

Managing director

  • Mária Lieberman

Board of Trustees (A Kuratórium tagjai)

  • Edward Serotta (elnök)
  • Kenesei Marcell (tag)
  • Kovács András (tag)
  • Michael Laurence Miller (tag)
  • Sárdi Dóra (tag)