Since Centopa’s  interviewing teams spent a decade collecting pictures and stories, it was only logical to create thematic exhibitions based on these stories. Pictured above: our first permanent exhibition: Ten Polish Cities/Ten Jewish Stories, in Krakow’s Galicia Jewish Museum.

We created our first exhibition in Bulgaria in 2005, to honor the 100th birthday of Nobel Prize winning novelist Elias Canetti. The entire exhibition consisted of over a hundred photos and stories our Bulgarian interviewers had collected.

Joschka Fischer at Centropa's exhibition in Sofia, Bulgaria

Germany’s foreign minister Joschka Fischer, a great fan of Canetti, was so impressed he flew from Berlin to Sofia just to open the exhibition. Not to be outdone, Spanish foreign minister Miguel Angel Moratinos,  commissioned Centropa to produce an exhibition based on all our Balkan Sephardic stories.

Since then, we have created 12 traveling exhibitions, each of them filled with photos and the stories that go with them.

Among them, we have produced traveling exhibitions in Hungary, Romania, North Macedonia, Lithuania, Czechia, Austria, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, and Moldova, and we produced an exhibition based on our Polish stories in Hebrew for use in Israeli schools.

These exhibitions have proven ideal educational tools, as we have older students study the Centropa stories online well before the exhibition arrives so they can act as guides and docents for younger students, parents, and even community members.

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