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Our first book was published in partnership with the Romanian city of Sibiu in 2007 in honor of the city named the European Capital of Culture. With nearly 1,000 annotated family photographs in Centropa’s Romanian archive, we created a book that we divided into chapters such as On Vacation, In School, At Work, In the Army, Religious Life, and Holocaust. This combination of pictures and stories—seen on the walls and in print (along with a dedicated website) brought Romania’s 20th century Jewish history to life for thousands of visitors.

So successful was the book that in 2009 we were commissioned by the Czech government to publish a book in Czech and in English based on stories collected there, which we have followed with seven volumes of Centropa Jewish Sourcebooks, some pictured above.

These sourcebooks are compilations of personal stories and pictures along with historical essays, timelines, and Names and Dates to Know. The Polish and Hungarian editions have been selling briskly over the years; two German language books based on our Austrian stories have sold out.

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