Educational Programs

When Centropa’s website first went live in 2002, the first people to write to us were teachers who asked what sort of educational programs we were offering. The answer: none. Which is why we immediately began meeting with teachers in several countries to ask them to help us design the kinds of programming they needed—and which we could provide.

With Centropa’s digitized library of photos and stories now online, we worked with these teacher-advisors to turn our database into multimedia films, traveling exhibitions, and thematic websites, all of which bring history to life through personal stories and pictures.
We also bring teachers together in afternoon workshops, weekend seminars, regional conferences and best of all, our annual international Summer Academies. Click here to view some of our more recent (but pre-Covid) Summer Academies.

We focus on these educational markets:

  • Public schools in the countries in Central and Eastern Europe where the Holocaust took place
  • European Jewish schools 
  • Israeli schools
  • American public and charter schools, where we focus primarily on Title One (low income) schools in Los Angeles County, Harris County, Texas, Palm Beach County, Florida; North and South Carolina schools, as well as city schools in Baltimore and Newark.

Over the years, we have discovered four truisms in education

Stories are universal and stories connect us all

Which is why our multimedia films have now been screened or downloaded more than 500,000 times.

No one can teach a teacher better than another teacher.

We believe in bringing teachers together, sharing our content with them, and then having them brainstorm with each other on how to best use Centropa in their classrooms.

Students respond strongly when they can create projects with new technologies

Using the tech toys they love to learn the history and technology skills they need.

And we don’t believe in borders

Through our cross-border projects connecting Americans, Israeli, and European classrooms, students become global citizens.