Solon Molho with fellow soldiers at Sidirokastro

This is a picture of my husband, Solon Molho, when he was in the army at Sidirokastro during the Greek-Italian war. Sidirokastro is located on the frontier line between Greece, Yugoslavia and Bulgaria and it is called the ?Roupel? fortress. It was one of the strong points of resistance against the attack of the German army in 1940. The others are the people with whom he was serving but I don't know them. From Sidirokastro my husband returned to Thessaloniki on foot. He had to present the contents of the cash register he was managing in the army and they, Solon and other soldiers, walked to a port, took a boat that was chased by planes and then walked again in order to make it to Thessaloniki. The cash he was responsible for, was a serious source of anxiety for him, since it didn't belong to him but to the army, and when he managed to pass it to someone else, he left and arrived in Thessaloniki, as a civilian, not a soldier any more.

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