Renee Molho with friends in the ghetto of Thessaloniki

This photo was taken in the house where we used to live with my aunt Rachelle, my mother's sister. Aunt Rachelle with her family and my mother with hers. This house was in the ghetto and this picture was taken during the war, in 1943. Here you can see our whole group of friends. Starting from the left is Bob Sion who lives in Israel. He escaped there and never came back. He grew up there, he started a family, and he has children that I don't know. Then, behind Bob is Nadir Haim, my cousin, the son of my aunt Rachelle, and then me and then Rene Haim, the second daughter of my aunt Rachelle. Her first daughter Lina had left for Israel before the war and was married there to Yakar. Rene, Nadir, and another sister, Silvia, wanted to go to Israel by boat and we never learned what really happened to them but they never arrived there. Then there is Senegal. His name was Ino Rousso. He went to America and he died there. He was never deported, he went to the island of Skopelos with my husband Solon Molho and as soon as the war was over they both came back to Salonica. After him is my aunt Rachelle and in the bottom row is Solon, my husband, but of course this picture was taken before the war and at this time he wasn?t my husband yet. Next to him is Jako Saltiel, a friend of Solon. Later, he was with me in Israel and we also became friends with him and his wife who was called Frida Torres.Later they moved to Canada but they keep an apartment in Athens too, so I cannot tell you where they are now. To his right is Davi Frances, who also was a friend of Solon, behind Jako Saltiel is my mother Stella Abravanel Saltiel and at her side, Elio Haim, the son of my aunt Rachelle. Next to Elio is my sister Matilde, who married Davi Dzivre, and Elio married Matoula and had two daughters.

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