Renee Molho with her sister-in-law Victoria Leon

This is me with my sister-in-law Victoria Leon, nee Molho. We posed ?pour le souvenir? and I think this picture was taken around 1950. Victoria was my husband Solon's sister, married to Youda Leon with two children, Niko and Nina. I knew them from the period before the war but we didn't have any relationship. She was the only one from Solon's family who survived the Holocaust. During the war they went to Glossa Skopelou. Giorgos Mitziliotis, the mayor of the village took the responsibility of all the Leon family, 14 persons were taken by him to Glossa. During the whole period of the occupation, until the liberation of Thessaloniki they all stayed there. Giorgos was taking an immense risk, not only for himself and his family, but also for the whole village since he was the mayor and therefore the one in charge. When I arrived in Thessaloniki, Victoria came to me as Solon was sick in bed. He participated in a yachting tournament and as he was shouting so much that he had had a hernia and he was taken to the hospital, he was operated on and exactly when I arrived he was in bed recovering. Solon was staying at her house until we got married. After we got married Victoria was always there for me. She was a very kind, open hearted person, simple to live with. She was always correct, an easy going person who would get along with everybody. She would see no harm and never complicated things. She was like a beloved sister to me.

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