Solon Molho with fellow boy scouts

This is a picture from before the war where Solon Molho, my future husband, still young at that time, is a boy scout. It was taken in Thessaloniki in the 1930s. On the left side is Solon, and then there are two people that I don?t know and then Fiko Nisim, who was a friend of Solon, and later went to Italy where he got married to an Arouesti and lived for the rest of his life. I don't know how many children they had. After him is Maurice Leon who was a friend of Solon and later became the brother-in-law of his sister Victoria. He married a Beja, her father made bicycles and had two boys that are married but we don't have many relations because they are far away. One of Maurice's boys is married to the daughter of Marcel Nadjari, who also was a friend of theirs because they all lived in the same neighborhood and were close. In the neighborhood they all knew each other but for them it was more than just knowing each other, they were friends, they went to Maccabi together and they went hiking and skiing and sailing etc. but life has not been easy for any of them. The rest I don't know.

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