Renee Molho with family and friends at Thessaloniki airport

Here you can see me with our group of friends at the airport of Thessaloniki around 1951. Starting from the left is Jako's Saltiel father, then Anna Leon and then Jako Leon, the brother of my brother-in-law Youda Leon, then me and Senegal, Zizi Saltien, who married Dick Benveniste, the president of the Jewish community of Thessaloniki. She had two children, a boy named Ziko, who died recently, and a girl, Rika, who never married. After Zizi comes Fredy Abravanel. He was a relative of ours from our mother's side of the family but I don't know exactly how he was related. He is dead now. Then comes Modiano. He lives in Athens now. He married Roza Saltiel's sister and never had any children. And sitting is Hasday Kapon holding Tiko, Jako Saltiel son and my son Mair and after them is Solon, my husband.

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