Bat mitzvah of Milena Molho

Bat mitzvah of Milena Molho

This is a picture of the bat mitzvah of my granddaughter Milena Molho, the daughter of my son Mair Molho and of Rena Molho.

The photo was taken in the Monastirioton synagogue of Thessaloniki in 1990. It is a custom in Thessaloniki to celebrate together, the bat mitzva of all the girls born in the same year.

Starting on the right the first girl is Loussi Abastado, then Mili Saltiel whose father is currently the president of the Jewish community, then my granddaughter, Milena Molho, and then Doret Florentine, the daughter of Lea Haim Florentine. Lea is the daughter of Elio Haim, the son of my aunt Rachelle.

I don't remember the last girl's name.

Milena is my favorite grandchild. She shows me more love than the others. I do not see her very frequently but this is not easy since she lives in Athens, but when she comes to Thessaloniki she will always drop by and see me, always.

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