Mair Molho's wedding

This is a picture of the marriage of my son Mair Molho to Rena Bensousan. It was taken in Thessaloniki in 1970. All the people you can see here are relatives but where to start? There is Zizi Amarilio married to Marcel Amarilio. Marcel Amarilio is a cousin of my father since he is the son of my father's older sister, Aunt Sol. Then there is Davi Amarilio and then Linda Erera, my cousin, the daughter of my uncle Sinto, my father's brother. Then is another Amarilio, the daughter of Joseph Amarilio, Solita who now lives in America. You can also see Pepo Florentine. And there is the wife of Davi Amarilio, Flor and then Rena's father Isak Bensousan, then Rena, the bride, Mair, the groom, me next to him and on his other side, on the right side, Youda Leon, my brother-in-law and on the left side Aunt Rachelle, my mother's sister.

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