Solon Molho's sailing boat 'Sparos'

This is my husband's sailing boat. It was a boat that Solon and his friends shared. Her name was Sparos. It is a picture from before the war since the boat was confiscated by the Germans as soon as they arrived. Unfortunately they sank it before they left. Sparos is a little fish that lives in shallow rocky waters where there is a sea current so that he does not hunt for his food but eats whatever the current brings him. This is why Sparos nowadays is a term used for a very lazy person. This is also why they chose this name, the aim was not to go fast, or to have a purpose, the aim was to have a good time, go fishing and sailing for the pleasure of it. They liked the thrill of being at sea. They also played tricks on each other, and they would throw someone overboard, and not allow those to come back who were more lazy and did not do their part of the job.

Photos from this interviewee