Leon Abravanel

This is my uncle Leon Abravanel, my mother's younger brother. He is the gentleman standing and smiling on the right. I don't know who the others in this picture are. I suppose they are his colleagues. The photo was taken in Thessaloniki in the 1920s. He worked with his older brother, David Abravanel. David was the general manager of The Commercial, which was a big tobacco company. Leon also worked there but David was the big chief. Uncle Leon was the only one of my mother's family who was deported since all the members of her family were Spanish citizens and therefore never went to a death camp. He was deported with all his non-Spanish Jewish neighbors. He was married to Nini Nahmias and they had two children, Riki, or Rikoula, who was named after my grandmother, and Victoria, innocent Victoritsa, who was four or five years old. They never came back.

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