Solon Molho and his parents, Mair and Sterina Molho

This is a picture of my husband's family. His father, my father-in-law Mair Molho, my mother in law Sterina Molho and Solon my husband to be, but here he was very young, it was well before our marriage. The photo was taken before the war, probably before he went to the army in 1940. It was taken on the stairs of their house in Thessaloniki. During the war the house had been occupied by Greek refugees and my husband had to fight in order to get it back. It later became our house. This is where all my children were born. Mair Molho was a famous bookseller. He had the first multi-language bookshop of the Balkans and was the official representative of the international press. He was arrested almost immediately after the occupation and forced to sell his shop to a German collaborator. By the time we got married after the war, his parents had gone to the concentration camps and never came back. Unfortunately I never met them personally; I knew them only as neighbors and Sterina Molho, his mother, when I passed by with my sisters, used to tell him about me: ?This is a girl for you.? And she was right.

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