Renee Molho with her relatives

This is an old family picture from before the war, taken in Thessaloniki. Looking at the picture on the left side first it's me and then a brother of my mother, Mario Abravanel, who after the war tried to go to Israel with his family by boat but he was unlucky, he died on the boat and they threw him overboard. During the war he was in hiding in Greece, it was after the war that all that happened. Then there is Lily Abravanel. Lily Abravanel was my mother's cousin; her father and my mother's father were brothers. Her father's name was Lazar. Lily went to the Catholic school ?Les Soeurs de Calamari" and she had been influenced by them. They found her once, wearing a nun's hat that she had made herself, and to protect her they sent her to Paris. In Paris she changed her religion, and married a Christian. Next to her is her younger sister called Matilde who went to the concentration camps and never came back, and then their mother, my aunt Regina Abravanel who also went to the concentration camp with her children and never came back. Aunt Regina was married to my uncle Avran Abravanel, brother of my father. They were cousins since she was the daughter of one of my grandfather's sisters. This was quite common in those times. Then there are two persons that I don?t know and then sitting on the floor is Rolanda Abravanel. She was the daughter of my uncle Lazar Abravanel, who was a brother of my grandfather Abravanel. She also went to the camps but did come back. Now she lives in Canada. She married there with a Greek and then divorced him, now she is married to somebody called D 'Honneur but I don't know anything else about her. Then comes another Rolanda who also went to the concentration camps and never came back.

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