Renee Molho with her sister Matilde Dzivre and friends

This photo was taken in Thessaloniki. These are the friends of my sister Matilde Dzivre, nee Saltiel Abravanel. On the right side there is my sister Matilde, I am sitting on the left side wearing a big white collar. In the middle there is Lorsidis, who now lives in Athens but I don?t know when or how she went there. Then on the left side there is Sarah Naar. She was the daughter of Hanane Naar, who was a famous paper manufacturer here in Thessaloniki. She went to the concentration camps with all her family and never came back. Then there is Bella Saltona. She also went to the camps. And then there's a girl whose name I don't remember but she also went to the camps. None of them came back of course.

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