Pepo and Mitsa Abravanel's wedding

This is a photo of my mother's brother Pepo Abravanel and his wife Mitsa. It was taken at their wedding in Thessaloniki in the 1910s. Mitsa Rosengrad originally came from Austria, from a family of musicians. My uncle Pepo worked in the Austro-Hellenic tobacco company. She gave piano lessons and in her way she contributed to the expenses of the house. She went to peoples houses and gave private piano lessons, later she was hired by Anatolia College and was responsible for the music lessons and everything that was related to music, chorus, concerts etc. They had one daughter, Rena. Now Rena is married to Ray Greenup and lives in America. She went there to study, got married and has her own family. She has two boys and a girl. The older is Ryan, the second Ray-Jay, and her daughter is called Riva.They call themselves the 5Rs. Ryan got married a while ago and sent me a photo of his wedding, Riva is also married and has two babies, only Ray Jay is still single.

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