Renee and Solon Molho on their honeymoon

Here I am with my husband Solon Molho during our honeymoon. This picture was taken on the boat that we took from Thessaloniki to Athens. In 1946 this was a rather common thing since the roads were still damaged; today there are no boats doing this trip any longer. We married at the Monastirioton synagogue of Thessaloniki on 17th March 1946. It was the end of the war, we had almost nothing but we were young, we were in love and we wanted a family. After our honeymoon we started working and working and doing nothing else but work. He was a bookseller and I tried to make curtains out of an anti-mosquito cloth which I also dyed in a happy color, and hung them on the windows as they were facing the street, and it was the only way to protect our privacy, not allow to see from the outside what was happening inside. All our belongings, things, clothes, etc. were stolen by the man that was supposed to take care of them and it was very difficult for us to manage.

Photos from this interviewee