The Molho family

This is a picture of the whole family we had taken in order to send it to our aunt Estrea Aelion who lived in London. She was my husband's aunt and when she turned 100 she wrote to all the members of her family and asked for a picture of their families so we all posed together. The photo was taken at my daughter Nina's house in the winter of 1983. Starting from the right in the upper corner is Maurice Carasso, who was the husband of my daughter Nina, who is standing next to him. Then comes my second son Yofi and next to him his wife Yolanda, next to Yolanda is my first son Mair and next to him his wife Rena. In the middle sitting is my husband Solon Molho and he is holding his granddaughter in the red shirt, Milena, the daughter of Mair and Rena, then it is me holding Solonaki, the son of Mair and Rena and behind me are Naomi and Dov, the children of Maurice and Nina.

Photos from this interviewee