Solon Molho's family

This is my husband's family. On the right side is the father, his name was Mair Molho, we named our bookshop after him, ?Librairie Mair Molho.? After him is Victoria, the younger daughter, after her Yvonne, the eldest and my mother in law, Sterina. My future husband, Solon Molho, who was a baby at that time, is sitting on the floor. Judging from his age this picture must have been taken around 1918. I knew Solon's parents from before the war. They were Mair and Sterina Molho. Mair was a bookseller, Sterina a housewife and their children, in addition to Solon, were Victoria and Yvonne. Both his sisters were married and had children before the war. Yvonne, the eldest, was married to Henry Michel and had a son, Daviko, and Victoria was married to Youda Leon and had a son, Niko, and a daughter, Nina. Sterina Molho was easy going and good willed, while at the same time she was a realist. She also had brothers that had gone to Italy, but I know nothing more about them. Here at home we have a set of dishes with the initial E which belonged to Sterina as her maiden name was Errera, and she was the only member of her family that didn't go to live in Italy, being married at the time the decision was made. All went to the concentration camp except for Victoria and Solon. None of them came back.

Photos from this interviewee