Solon Molho on a trip with his friends

Here you can see: Jako Saltiel, and Nadir Haim and Solon Molho, my husband (first from right). I don?t know the fourth person. They are on a mountain. Surely an excursion. They never stayed at home on Sundays, they took the bus and went on excursions and they were alpinists, and thus went for long walks. Solon has climbed to the top of the Mount Olympus and he was even given a medal for this. Nadir Haim disappeared during the war in his effort to escape the German occupation and go to Israel. Jako Saltiel was a common friend we had. When I went to Israel, he was married to Frida Torres, and we all shared the same apartment. Jako and Frida Saltiel lived in Thessaloniki for a number of years after the war and then left for Athens and later Canada. They had three boys, Riro, Tiko and a third one, no girls. They went to live in Canada where they are still now. We went on vacation for the summer to Agia Triada, a small village on the seashore near the town, so that the men could come and go every day. In the morning they would depart with the car of Jako Saltiel, since he was the first one to get one, and they would return in the evening. Frida and I would stay with five boys and one little girl to look after.

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