Renee Molho with her family's maid Sterina

This is Sterina, a maid that we had at home in Thessaloniki when we were very young. Sterina is her first name, I never knew neither her maiden name, nor her married name, for me she was, simply ?my Sterina.? She loved me very much and used to take me with her when she went shopping, only me, not my sisters. The little girl standing on the chair, that's me. Judging by my age in this picture I think it was taken around 1920. When she decided to leave us, well before the war, Sterina went to Israel and got married there. When she got married she sent us a picture of her wedding. When I went to Israel during the occupation, she came to see me various times, with her kids, always happy and always at my service. She was in a good economical position; she was well.

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