A Tchalgin music group

I don't know personally any of the people in this picture. This is a music group that went to weddings and the brit milahs of the babies and were singing Jewish songs and were bringing happiness to the family.

They were called Tchalgin and they were invited to all the happy occasions, marriages, engagements and other fiestas and they played and played and played. I don't know the exact musical instruments they were using, but they were sitting and playing and playing.

My first child was my first joy. It was a boy, Mair, and the first joy for a long time and when we organized the brit milah, what a beauty he was, and how many people came! The Athens mohel came for it and I remember the brit, and the joy, and the majesty of it, and the atmosphere of joy, and the sweets, and the invitations, the people, and the live music, the Tchalgin.

Photos from this interviewee