Victoria and Youda Leon

This is my husband's sister Victoria with her husband Youda Leon. The photo was taken in Thessaloniki in the 1930s. I knew Solon's parents from before the war. They were Mair and Sterina Molho. Mair was a bookseller, Sterina a housewife and their children, in addition to Solon, were Victoria and Yvonne. Both his sisters were married and had children before the war. Victoria was married to Youda Leon and had a son, Niko, and a daughter, Nina. I knew them from the period before the war but we did not have any relationship. During the war they escaped with the help of Dr. Kalinikidis, they went to Athens and later on, to Skopelos. They had two children. Niko, Nikolaki we called him, and Nina. Niko is married to Niki and lives in Paris, and has one daughter, Sofi. Nina is married to Sabi Kamhi and lives in Athens. Now she has two children, a daughter named Rebecca and a son named Simo. She also had another daughter, a very nice child, Victoritsa, who died when she was ten. She had cancer in the knee I think, and despite all the efforts they didn't manage to save her. Rebecca has a son named Victor. Simos is married to Ifigenia

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