Solon Molho at work

This is the picture that Solon Molho, my husband-to-be, sent me when I was in Israel. It says: ?Renee cherie Solon 15/11/45? When the war was over and Solon came back from the island of Skopelos where he was hiding during the war he went to my uncle David Abravanel, since he did not know where to find me, and he explained to him that he loved me and that he wanted to marry me. Uncle David wrote to me in Israel and my response to the proposal was positive. I remembered Solon from the time we were in the ghetto since he was a close friend of my cousin Nadir, and used to come to our house almost daily. I liked him and I believed we would have a nice life together, and we did. This is the picture he sent me with his first letter to Israel.

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