Renee Molho with schoolmates on an excursion at Olympia

Here you can see me with my schoolmates. The year we finished school, 1938, we went on a five-day excursion, the whole class, and we are posing for a memorial photograph here. We are at Olympia but you cannot see it in the photo. For me it was something that I had never imagined. I was alone, away from my family and visiting ancient sites. I was charmed by this experience. The first persons on the picture I can?t recognize, then it's me and then Rosa Koen, who married an Abravanel, but not from my family, and then there's Elli Toussi,who married a lawyer and lives here in Thessaloniki, and then Adela Abbot. Adela is the first one on the right. I think she is dead by now. Adela had a sister. The Abbot family originated from England and although they had money and they were kind and serious people they were not lucky, they never got married and had no children.

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