Wedding photo of Bohor and Berta Kohen

This is a photo of the wedding of my mother's eldest brother, Bohor Kohen. The photo was taken in 1916 or 1917 in Sofia. Uncle Bohor is sitting in the middle of the photo. His wife Berta is on his left side. She was very nice and very kind to me. All my mother's brothers married in the synagogue. My mother Matilda Mihaylova, nee Kohen, was also present at the wedding. In the photo she is kneeling in front of the newly-weds, she was 15-16 years old then. In the second row on the left are the other brothers of my mother - Leon and Chelebi Kohen. They were traveling salesmen. I remember that the families of my mother's brothers lived together in my grandfather's house in Sofia. My mother's brother Bohor Kohen worked in the clothes shop of my grandfather. My grandfather's family was well off. When the shop went bankrupt, my uncle Bohor worked as a vendor at a mobile stall.

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