Solomon Mihaylov and Mazalto Mihaylova

This is a photo of my paternal grandparents Mazalto and Solomon Mihaylov when they were at the Sliven spa resort in the 1930s. They are on the right side. My grandmother had rheumatism and often went there for treatment. My grandfather was born in 1860. He had finished the third junior high school grade, corresponding to present-day seventh grade. He had a small grocer's shop. I know that he moved with his whole family from Odrin to Sliven because his business wasn?t going well. In Sliven he once again opened his grocer's shop, with which he supported the family. My grandfather was better-off than his father and he managed to build and open a small factory producing socks and blouses in Sliven. After he built the factory, he closed the shop. In order to start production in the factory, my grandfather bought ten hand-operated knitting machines for woollen socks. My grandmother was born in 1865. She was a housewife and devoted herself to looking after the children. She very strictly observed the separation of dairy and meat products, never put meat and milk together on the table. The food was always kosher in her house. They dressed in stylist town's clothes and lived in our house in Sliven. I remember that they knew Turkish very well.

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