Mihail Mihaylov with friends

This is a photo of my father Mihail Mihaylov in Sliven in the 1930s. He is the second from the left in the second row. I don?t know on what occasion the photo was taken, but in the first row on the right there is a factory owner from Sliven, Ashkenazi, whom I knew. At that time my father owned a factory producing socks. He inherited it from his father. He bought new machines and modernized it. During the rule of the pro-German government in Bulgaria, in 1940, his factory was confiscated and given to new owners. In 1940 my father was interned to the village of Dabnitsa near the town of Nevrokop [today Gotse Delchev in Southwest Bulgaria]. The reason for the internment was that he was a Jew and a factory owner. My father came back from the internment in 1943. Shortly after 9th September 1944 his factory was returned to him and he started working there until 1947 when the factory was nationalized. Until the factory was returned to him, my father worked in our vineyards, he also liked planting trees.

Photos from this interviewee