Korina Solomonova with her family

This is a photo of my family. The photo was taken in a studio in Sliven in 1943. My parents Mihail Mihaylov and Matilda Mihaylova, nee Kohen, are sitting in the first row and behind them are my sister Soli Semova, nee Solomonova, and I. My older sister Luisa [Alhalel, nee Solomonova] was at the French girls' college in Lovech at that time. I had already graduated from high school in this photo. In 1943 the school year finished earlier than usual. As early as April the high school in Sliven was turned into a hospital because of World War II. Also in 1940 the pro-fascist authorities confiscated my father's factory and my father was interned to the village of Dabnitsa near Nevrokop. My father came back from the internment in 1943. Shortly after 9th September 1944 his factory was returned to him and he started working there until 1947 when the factory was nationalized. Until the factory was returned to him, my father worked in our vineyards, he also liked planting trees. During 1943-44 Jews weren?t allowed to work. My older sister and I worked in the factory, because its new owner was the long-time accountant of my father and he felt uneasy expelling us and leaving our whole family without money. We learned to work on the machines and worked for a while in my father's factory, earning our living as workers.

Photos from this interviewee