Albert Razon

This is a photo of a first cousin of my mother named Albert Razon. He is the first from right. The photo was taken in 1942 in the village of Vlasina, probably when he was mobilized to a work camp there. Albert is a son of Esterina Razon, nee Uziel, my maternal grandmother's sister who helped my mother a lot after her marriage in taking care of me and my sisters. Albert Razon graduated from the textile school in Sliven, which trained textile masters. He worked as a textile master all his life. Albert left for Israel where he did the same work. He returned to Bulgaria because of his wife, who was a Bulgarian. He worked in the Rila factory in Sofia. Now he is living in the senior home of the Jewish community in Sofia. I often go to visit him, because he doesn?t have other relatives beside me.

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