Korina Solomonova's son and parents-in-law

This is a picture of my husband's parents Rebecca and Yomtov and Rebecca Geron, nee Asher, and my son Yoni Geron, as a baby. The photo was taken in Sofia in 1958. My husband's parents loved my son very much. Yoni was born in 1957 in Sofia. At the time of the photo my husband and I lived at his parents' home. His sister Ema Geron and her family also lived there. In the same year we moved to an attic flat in the center of Sofia, which we bought and made comfortable to live in. We still live in it. During the weekend an old woman looked after my child and Saturday and Sunday were her days off. At that time I was already working, because the maternity leave was only three months. I remember that the woman used to bring my son to the park near the institute and I went out to breastfeed him.

Photos from this interviewee