Matilda Mihaylova

This is a photo of my mother Matilda Mihaylova, nee Kohen, as an elderly woman. The photo was taken in Sofia in the 1970s. My mother helped us very much - she sewed, cooked and did all the household work at home while I was working and writing my dissertation and doctorate. My parents came to live in Sofia with me in 1956. They were not in very good health and needed my care. The photo was taken by my son Mishel, who loved taking pictures of her. After my sisters and I grew up, we took our own paths. My younger sister Soli and I came to Sofia and my older sister left for Israel. So, my parents remained in Sliven. But as they grew old, they got sick very often and I decided to take them to live with me. I had two children at that time. I went to Sliven, helped them to load their luggage and so they came to live with me in Sofia. After my father's death my mother stayed with me. She was bedridden with a serious disease for many years.

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