Korina Solomonova in the Jewish school

This is a photo of all students from the Jewish school in Sliven. It was taken in 1934. I, my future husband Shemaya Geron and my older sister Luisa Alhalel, nee Solomonova, are also among them. Shemaya is in the fourth row, fifth from left. I am in the third row, third from left and my sister is in the same row, fifth from left, behind the two teachers. My sister and my husband were in the same class, since they are the same age. The Jewish school had four elementary grades. The classes were small: 7-8 children at the most. All students from the Jewish school can be seen in the photo. Our teachers in elementary school didn't teach us any special subjects. The teacher on the left was Rushina. She lived in Sliven and was an intelligent woman, she taught us Bulgarian. Besides the main subjects we also studied Hebrew in school. We had a special teacher in Hebrew, sitting in the middle in the photo, who taught us to write and read Hebrew. The female teachers divided the classes between themselves, the teacher in Hebrew taught all classes. We studied until noon. Our teacher on the right prepared with us small performances at the end of each school year. Unfortunately, in Sliven Hebrew wasn?t taught in the higher grades, as it was in other towns, where there were Jewish associations, which supported the teaching of Hebrew. I did not manage to learn Hebrew very well.

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