Korina Solomonova with her parents and friends

This is a picture from the Sliven spa resort, situated near the town. The photo was taken in the 1920s. We were on an excursion there. I am the youngest girl in the middle of the first row, my father Mihail Mihaylov is the first from the right in the last row and my mother Matilda Mihaylova, nee Kohen, is right in front of him. The first from left is a cousin of my father. Next to him is Meshulam Aroyo, the husband of my father's sister Duda Aroyo, nee Solomonova, who is standing next to him. Duda was a very learned and sophisticated woman. She had graduated from the high school in Sliven. She looked after her children and took part in charity events. Her husband was a merchant. At that time my father ran his factory producing socks and my mother helped him and did the housework. . We went to the Sliven mineral spa resort in the summer during the vacations. We usually went there for 10-15 days. There are hotels and restaurants there. Our family loved the place very much.

Photos from this interviewee