Leon Kohen and relatives

This photo was taken in Sofia in 1925. It shows my relatives in the yard of the house of my maternal grandfather, Nessim Kohen. The first from the left sitting is the brother of my mother, Leon Kohen, then his wife Ester, and their daughter Lili. Lili later worked for the trade unions in Bulgaria. On the right there is my father Mihail Mihaylov, who was probably visiting them. Behind is Neni, the son of my uncle Bohor Kohen. Next to my father is Joia, the daughter of Uncle Bohor. Neni and Joia left for Israel. My grandfather's house had two floors and a big yard. There was a shed next to the house where my grandfather lived. I remember that the families of my mother's brothers lived together in my grandfather's house in Sofia. There was a nice garden with trees in the yard. My grandfather's family was well off. My uncles Leon and Chelebi were traveling salesmen. My mother's brothers Bohor worked in the clothes shop of my grandfather. When the shop went bankrupt, my uncle worked as a vendor at a mobile stall.

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