Matilda Mihaylova, Duda Aroyo and her daughter Berta

This is a photo of my mother Matilda Mihaylova, nee Kohen, first from right, my father's sister Duda Aroyo, nee Solomonova, in the middle, and her elder daughter Berta. The photo was taken in Sliven probably at the end of the 1920s. My father's sister Duda was married to Meshulam Aroyo who was a merchant and they have four children - Telo and Matushka, moved to Israel in 1948, Berta and Ilia stayed in Sliven. During that time, Berta was a student in the French College in Lovech and the photo was taken during one of her vacations. My mother was born and finished high school in Sofia. She always dressed fashionably. Her family was modern and could afford to dress well. My father's sister, Klara, who was married in Sofia, introduced my parents to each other. They liked each other; they were both very good-looking. Their wedding was in Sliven, probably in 1922. My mother went to live in my father's house in Sliven.

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