Matilda Mihaylova and Vitaly Geron

This is a photo of my mother Matilda Mihaylova with her great-grandchild Vitaly Geron. It was taken in Sofia in 1984. After my father's death my mother stayed with my family, she helped us very much - she sewed, cooked and did all the household work at home. She was bedridden with a serious disease for many years. Vitaly is the elder son of my son Yoni, who now lives in the USA. On the photo Vitaly is one year old; he was born in 1983 in Sofia. Now Vitaly is a university student in Minneapolis in the USA. My son Yoni graduated as an engineer and he is a specialist in radio and television equipment. He worked in an institute, where he became a research associate. Afterwards he married a Jew named Ameliya Bidgerano, and Vitaly, their child was born. Yoni went to Hungary where his wife, who was a doctor, was preparing her dissertation. My son had a good job in Bulgaria, but he was ready to do anything, only to be with his wife. After his wife finished her dissertation, she took part in a conference of young scholars in London and there she met a doctor from America, who offered her a job in the USA. She agreed and the whole family of my son left for the USA in 1991. But things went bad there. Less than a year after they left, my son's wife died in a tragic accident during an excursion. Yoni remained to live with his child in Minneapolis. He was invited by the professor, with whom his wife worked, to work as a laboratory technician. In this way, he found a job and decided to stay in the US and look after his son by himself. Four years after the death of his wife, my son met another woman, who is also a Jew. Her name is Lora. They liked each other and got married.

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