Shemaya and Mishel Geron

This is a photo of my husband Shemaya Geron and my son Mishel Geron during the second wedding of my other son Yoni in Minneapolis, USA. The photo was taken in 1997. They had a religious wedding in the synagogue, but the picture was taken in the restaurant. We had a very good time. I have two sons: Yoni, who was born in 1957, and Mishel, born in 1961. Yoni was invited by a professor, with whom his wife worked, to work as a laboratory technician. In this way, he found a job and decided to stay in the USA. My other son, Mishel, has been in love with photography ever since high school and decided to pursue it as a profession. After he did his military service, he applied to the College of Photography in Sofia and became a professional photographer. Now he works as a photojournalist for the Noshten Troud newspaper [an evening weekly focusing on nightlife and crime]. He is married to a Jew, whose name is Jana Geron, nee Kohen, and has two boys - Emil, who is eight years old and Mihail, who is seven years old.

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