Shemaya Geron's family

This is a photo of my husband's family, the Gerons. It was taken in Sliven in the 1920s. The second man from right in the second row is my husband's father Yomtov Geron. Next to him on the left is my husband, Shemaya Geron. My husband's mother Rebecca Geron, nee Asher, is in the last row, the first from the right. The two grandmothers of my husband can also be seen in the photo - his paternal grandmother is in the first row, the third from the left, and behind her is Shemaya's maternal grandmother. Both were widows and wore black dresses. They had kerchiefs on their heads, the ?bonnet? type. The second girl from the left is my husband's sister Ema Geron and in front of everyone is the future husband of my sister Luisa, Shalom Alhalel. He was born in Serbia and became an orphan at a very young age. An uncle of his, who was a relative of the family of my father-in-law, took him to Sliven where he grew up. I don?t know about the occasion for this photo, but it was taken in the yard of my husband's uncle, Shabat Asher?ds place. He is the first from the right. He had built a nice house. He owned a haberdashery and was quite well off. But his shop was confiscated in the 1940s.

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