Matilda Mihaylova

This is a photo of my mother Matilda Mihaylova, nee Kohen. It was taken in their house in Sofia in Opalchenska Street in 1918. My mother graduated from a high school in Sofia. She was the youngest in the family and everybody's favorite. Her parents wanted to have a girl very much. My maternal grandmother, Luisa Kohen, nee Uziel, died very young and my grandfather, Nessim Kohen, supported the whole family. His sons and their families lived in his house. I remember that my grandfather had given the two floors of his house to his sons and he lived in a shed built as an extension of the house. My mother loved the house very much, especially the big yard where the children from the whole neighborhood gathered. When my mother was 90 years old, she asked me to take her to see the house where she was born.

Photos from this interviewee