Regina Eskenazi dressed up for Purim

This is my aunt Regina Eskenazi (nee Kalef), dressed up for a Purim ball. She was my granduncle Avram's daughter. The photo was taken in Belgrade. The Purim parties took place downstairs in the hall in the Jewish community. Grandmother also went to the party. And Father. We all went together. It was nice. We always went to that show. The Jews organized it and participated as well as their friends and the actors that they hired, such as Zanka Stokic. Then there was a raffle. They had many beautiful things, expensive things. The first two or three prizes were high quality, the others were so-so. Imagine, my mom, despite all the Jews that were there, won the first prize. The prize was a big snake skin covered case and inside it had a full manicure set. The other women were annoyed that Mother got that first prize. I remember this. I don't remember the other prizes or if we ate anything there. But I do remember that there was music. People did wear costumes but we didn't, probably because we were too little. There were prizes for those who wore the costumes. My mother didn't get dressed up but my Aunt Regina and cousin Mile did. Aunt Regina won prizes for the best costume two or three times.

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