Matilda Cerge and her mother's family

This photo was taken at the christening of my maternal uncle Rudolf's daughter, Milenca, in Belgrade in the 1930s. Here is my father, Avram Kalef, on the left in the wheelchair. My sister, Breda Simonovic, is next to him and my mother, Dona Kalef, is in in the back row, first from left. Holding the baby is Minka, my mother's sister. Next to her is the baby's mother, Slavka, Rudolf's wife. In the back, to the right of my mother, is her brother Rudolf. And next to Rudolf is Minka's husband Karl. I think the priest's name was Rupert. I am the one in front of him. Minka lived in Ljubljana and came just for the christening. After the bombing of Belgrade my sister and I lived most of the time with my Uncle Rudolf and his family. I think that the house pictured here might be the house where he lived and where we stayed those months.

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