Mile Kalef with a friend

Here is my cousin Mile Kalef with a friend whose name I don?t know. The photo was taken in Belgrade. Mile and his brother David were the sons of my paternal granduncle Jakov and Lenka Kalef. They lived close to us. In 1941 they took away some of my relatives before they came to us and told us to leave: for instance, David and Mile. David and Mile were picked up for these actions to clean the destruction from the bombing of Belgrade on 6th April. At one point they came home and then after that they never appeared again. I don't know what they talked about when they came home. We were already hidden. Mother told us that for some time they still came. David and Mile's mother, Lenka Kalef, poor woman, even went to the construction sites where they were cleaning and sometimes brought them some food to eat, until they took her away too. The whole family perished in the Holocaust.

Photos from this interviewee