Avram and Dona Kalef's wedding picture

This is my parents' wedding picture. It is interesting that Jews wore the rosemary branch on their lapels as is the Serbian custom. My mother was called Antonija before she converted. When she converted to Judaism she got the name Dona. But everyone called her Tonka. The whole Kalef family was very much opposed to my father marrying an Aryan. It was terrible. They didn't accept her, in fact. Never. She lived here and bore children, and Father supported her. Her family wasn't against the marriage. They were probably satisfied considering we were well-situated. Father said, 'This woman and no other. Her! End of story!' He didn't want to hear about any other woman. And in the end my grandmother gave in, because of her son. I just know that they, Grandmother and the rest of the Jewish family, were very against his marrying her. She had to convert to Judaism when she married him.

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