Avram Kalef and his family

This picture was taken in Belgrade in the 1920s. Here you can see my granduncle Avram Kalef and his wife Vukica with their two children, Regina Eskenazi (nee Kalef) and Josko Kalef. They must have been guests at a wedding because of the rosemary branches on their lapels. [Editor's note: The rosemary branches on their lapels are common Serbian wedding tradition. At a wedding they are usually passed around on a tray before the ceremony and the guests purchase them from a young single girl. In most cases it is the practice that this girl gets to keep the money she collects.] Vukica was my granduncle Avram's second wife. From his first marriage he had a daughter, Stella, and with Vukica he had Regina and Josko. They lived at 4 Skenderbegova Street in Belgrade. Regina is one of my few relatives to survive World War II. She married a Bulgarian man named Isak Eskenazi and they lived out the war in Bulgaria. In 1948 she, her husband and her children, Marsel and Avram, left for Israel. I heard from them for a while but then we lost touch. I am sure that she and her husband have died by now, but it would be terribly interesting for me to find out where her children are.

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