Regina Eskenazi dressed up for Purim

This is my aunt Regina Eskenazi (nee Kalef), on the right, dressed up for a Purim ball. I think she is dressed as a fisherman. She received first prize for the best costume. The photo was taken in Belgrade. The Purim parties took place downstairs in the hall in the Jewish community. Grandmother also went to the party. And Father. We all went together. It was nice. There was a raffle. There were prizes for those who wore costumes. My mother didn't get dressed up but my Aunt Regina and cousin Mile did. Aunt Regina won prizes for the best costume two or three times. She is one of my few relatives to survive World War II. She married a Bulgarian man named Isak Eskenazi and they lived out the war in Bulgaria. In 1948 she, her husband and her children, Marsel and Avram, left for Israel. I heard from them for a while but then we lost touch. I am sure that she and her husband have died by now, but it would be terribly interesting for me to find out where her children are.

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